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How long will it take to sell your home? Learning the answer is one benefit of being represented by an agent. The time it takes to sell your home depends on a variety of factors, all of which you control.

Begin by asking your agent for statistics on the most recent 10-15 sales in your area. What was the sale time for each from listing to contract date? Throw out the longest the shortest sale times. They are usually at the extreme for a reason, i.e. overpriced or underpriced, excellent or poor condition, etc. Finally, average the remaining sale times. This answer provides the sale time for the average home, at the average price, in average condition.

To determine the probable sale time for your home, compare. Learn the condition of homes that sold compared to your own. Make improvements before buyers see your home to improve the sale time. Look at the terms offered by other sellers. If they paid closing costs, and you do not, your sale time may be longer. The more appealing the terms, the more likely a buyer is to choose your home.

Finally, compare prices. If yours is priced at or below the market, your sale time may be shortened. Ask too much, and the time will be extended. Sale times are predictable, and you control the factors that make the difference.


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