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You're ready to buy a home. Tomorrow, the agent will be showing you seven homes, followed by another five the next day. How will you be able to compare all those homes and determine the one right for you? How can you keep all their features and strong points straight in you rmind?

It's easy. There's a simple process that can make your decision a clear one, bringing you maximum confidence you've made the best choice.

When you visit the first home, make notes, take pictures, or whatever else helps you identify the positives and negatives. Move on to the second home and do the same. Before visiting any more homes, make a clear choice. If the first two homes were the only homes on the face of the earth - which one would you choose?

OK - good. You've chosen Home #1. Now move on to Home #3. Make your inspection, and then compare it with Home #1. Leave out Home #2, which has already been eliminated. Again, make your choice between the only two homes in contention - #1 & #3.

Continue this process with each subsequent home. Each time you are comparing only two homes, choosing the best one, and moving on to the others. When you've seen all the homes, your choice will have been made with none of the usual need to remember all the homes.


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