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You've seen the TV ads for computers. In one, a cow convinces you to buy today's special. In another, a cool teenage spokesman sweet-talks mom into going online to make the purchase for her youngster. Imagine dialing the number flashing on your TV screen and saying "Send me a red one!"

Most computer buyers would want to know details about RAM, video cards, DVDs, hard drive storage, printers, available applications, etc. In other words, buyers want to know what they're getting when they make a purchase.

Selling a home is no different. Once you list your home for sale, your role is to provide detailed information about the home, a "spec" sheet of info that lets buyers know what they're getting. As the property owner, no one knows the details better than you.

Put together a "biography" of the home. Begin with the year built, builder's name, and a set of floor plans. Include utility bills, receipts for major repairs or improvements, photos of the property in and out of season, room sizes, and a narrative containing all the reasons you have enjoyed the home.

Ask the listing agent to organize the information into a brochure or handout that can be picked up by prospects as they see the home. This makes it easy to remember your home, as well as the features and amenities it offers.


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