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Ever noticed those TV ads offering everything you could ever want priced conveniently at ONLY $19.95! Have you also noticed that they add one "sweetener" after another? They continue with "But wait - that's not all. We'll also send these three attachments at no extra cost." And "Call in the next 15 minutes" , they say, "and we'll send an extra on FREE!" On and on it goes - and it works!

By piling on one extra benefit after another, the ads get the attention of the viewer... who places an order! The price and sale time of your home can also be improved with the addition of sweeteners. Take a peek at a few ways you can give added value to your home when selling.

First, be sure prospective buyers see a home that is cleaner, tidier, more appealing, more freshly painted, and better maintained than any other competing home. When they do, their decision is made easier.

Offer to pay the buyers' closing costs, especially if other property owners are not doing so. You can also "buy down" the purchasers' mortgage interest rate, resulting in lower payments for them. Pay for an appraisal up-front, so buyers know your home is worth the asking price.

Be creative. Think about ways you would react positively in the buyers' shoes. Then, implement those special sweeteners. They can make the difference.


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