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Want to receive top dollar for your home when it's time to sell? Are you willing to sell your home in the real world, putting aside expectations from fantasyland? If so, here's a very important suggestion that can provide a qualified buyer, in a short period of time, at the best possible price!

Have your home appraised before putting it on the market! It can be that simple. An appraisal is evidence compiled by a recognized, licensed appraiser that supports the final appraisal price. By providing credible, proven facts, the appraisal value is soundly justified, leaving little room for argument (negotiation) by prospective buyers.

Putting an asking price on a home without an appraisal is like a prosecuting attorney showing up for court without having gathered evidence against the defendant. The defense attorney would have a field day arguing point after point to weaken the prosecutor's case. A homeowner who attempts to justify the asking price without evidence most often ends up with an unsold home.

When selling your home, prove your case beyond a shadow of a doubt. Offer your home in better condition than competing homes, at the appraised price, with terms equal to or better than the competition. Buyers recognize and purchase homes that offer the best value for the money, and full-price offers are often the result. Be prepared, prove your case, and enjoy the rewards.


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