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Time to sell your home? Take two steps, and the sale will be more rewarding. First, ask your representative to role-play as a buyer, taking a critical tour of your home. Second, have a home inspection by a licensed inspector.

The first step - having your agent tour your home - can be enlightening. Perhaps the doorbell is cracked or broken, the front door in need of paint, or the bedroom screen torn. Then there's the bathroom tile in need of grout, the leaky sink trap in the kitchen, or the cat litter box in the utility room.

Buyers in search of their dream home notice these things, whereas they may just be a part of your everyday life. What is merely a coffee stain on the carpet to you, may justify a complete re-carpeting job to buyers. Minor cleaning, painting or improving can remove imperfections, as well as eliminating buyer excuses for lowering their purchase offer.

A home inspection may provide you with the ammunition needed to justify your asking price. Home inspectors look at major systems such as heating / air, plumbing, electrical, roof, etc. A home with all systems in order, backed up by a paid inspecition report, can be very convincing to quality conscious buyers.

Complete all repairs and improvements before buyers see your home. The result may be a full-price offer in short order!


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